Did you know? 

80 percent of pools leak! Most reported leaks were upwards of 2000 gallons a day. Costing pool owners thousands of dollars in chemicals, utilities, soil erosion, and critical water pump damage. 

What we offer:

As a pool leak detection specialist we offer full audio, video, pressure, and static testing. We can identify your pool leak location in a timely and effortless  manner. Not all leaking pools are busted lines, many can be fixed on call in less than an hour. We offer many permanent solutions  And/or quick fixes to get you through the season so you can enjoy your pool. 



        when searching pool leak detection near me, are you finding the best most qualified contractors in your area? someone that understands the plumbing the operations and the equipment associated with your pool? Not only have we installed and worked on pools. we have devised the simplest fastest way of determining your pool leak location, studied the best route of testing and applied those practices in a way to not further damage your pool plumbing and equipment. most plumbing leaks are narrowed down within a 1 foot diameter of the actual leak location making repairs and excavation as cost effective as possible